Competition Levels


    1. At the end of the contest year, the images that placed 1st, 2nd and 3rd in each monthly contest will be compiled for each level and submitted for judging by level. In the event that levels were combined due to lack of submissions, that combination will still apply.

    Note: If, in a particular monthly contest, images in two or more levels are combined due to the low number of entries in one or more levels, those images will remain in the level that was judged.

    1. The judge(s) will be asked to award a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place and two Honorable Mentions for each level as defined above.
    1. From all of the levels 1st place winners a single IMAGE of the YEAR will be selected by the judge.


    To be considered for this award a member must have entered images in a minimum of eight contests during the year. The club member in each member level (Master, Advanced, Basic) accumulating the largest number of award points from his/her top eight scores during each calendar year will be acclaimed the Photographer of the Year in that level. Second place and Third place MAY be recognized according to award points from their top eight scores.

    In case of a tie, the larger number of original entries submitted during the year will determine the winner. Additional breaker will be the member with the greatest number of first places in the level, then if needed, the second places and so on.


    1. Photographers in the A and B divisions MUST move to the next competition level if EITHER of the following applies:              A.  They won the Photographer of the year award in their current level.
    1.      B.  Their image placed 1st in the annual Photograph of the Year competition in their level.
    2. There is no further advancement possible for MASTERS level members.
    1. For Advancement to MASTER, in addition to winning Photographer of the year or the 1st place in the annual Photograph of the Year contest, an A level competitor must also have a record of service to the club. That can be by serving as a member of the board, serving on a board appointed committee or organizing and running a club sponsored event.
    1. Members placing 2nd or 3rd in their level’s annual contest, or placing 2nd or 3rd in the total point count in their division MAY ask the board for permission to advance. A simple majority of the board must agree to the request.
    1. ALL advancements must be made before the entries from first contest of the year goes to the judge. No further advancements can be made during the year.
    1. New Members will be placed in division B, but they can ask the board to be placed in level A BEFORE they enter their first contest of the year.


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