Competition: Judging, Places and Points

Monthly Judges

January, 2018:


Judging Explained:

  1. Judges will be given the same instructions regarding the rules for a specific contest as are the contestants.
  1. Judging will first be based on compliance with the particular competition definitions and specifications for the category entered.
  2. Competition definition and specification is listed for the particular contest month in the “2017 Competition Schedule” on the club competition website.  Category definition (Open-Unlimited, Nature, Monthly Challenge, etc.) is listed under “Competitions”, then “Competition Definitions” on the website.  Judges are urged to review each of these before starting the judging process.
  3. Images may only have a file/title as follows:  MMYY  Title.jpeg  (MMYY are the month and year the image was originally created.)  The image may not have any other identification or watermark.
  4. IMPORTANT – If an image does not meet the basic competition definitions and/or specifications as noted in A and B above, the judge shall award that image a score of zero (0).
  5. The entries in each level, or combined level, make up a contest in itself. Therefore, the judge will be asked to score each image on a scale of 1 to 10 with one decimal point (1.0 to 10.0) regardless of the scores in the other levels. These scores are referred to as “Judges” points.
  1. For each division, or combined division, the judge will also be asked to award PLACES in accordance with the following schedule:


Entries In A Contest Level Allowable Awards For That Contest Level
7 or more 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places plus 1 or more Honorable Mentions depending upon number of entires (see Note at bottom of table)
5 – 6 1st, 2nd, 3rd Places
3 – 4 1st, 2nd Places
1 – 2 1st Place only

Note: 1 HM for 7 entries, plus 1 more HM for each additional 5 entries (ex: 12 entries = 2 HMs).


  1. In addition to the judge’s score, points will be awarded for places as follows:


Place Awarded Points Awarded
1st 8
2nd 6
3rd 4
HM 2


  1. The club will maintain a month by month record of both the Judges points and the place points earned by each member. A running total of all points earned by each member will also be maintained.





  1. The board appointed Image Committee will have the responsibility to review the entries before submitting them to the judge SOLEY to confirm the validity of the date taken AS SHOWN IN THE FILE NAME. If an image submitted was originally created outside of the contest criteria, it will be disqualified.


  1. With respect to ALL other rules, the Judges decisions will be final with no further review by anyone.


  1. In the event a judge finds an image in violation of the rules for a contest, the judge will be instructed to give the image a score of ZERO, but the judge will still be asked to critique the image as if the violation did not exist.
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