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Stay at Home Photo Shoot of the Day

Take a picture of todays item below.  Submit it with the form attached.  Submit as .jpg  under 150 resolution.  No large files needed.



Day Thirteen: 4/4/20: Toothbrush  Last Day for this Daily Shoot   GREAT JOB.

Day Thirteen: 4/3/20: Favorite Piece of Art

Day Twelve: 4/2/20:  Kitchen Closeups.

Day Eleven: 4/1/20:  Anything Around the House. In Black & White

Day Ten: 3/31/20:  Shoe (s)

Day Nine: 3/30/20:  A Workspace

Day Eight: 3/29/20:  Lamp (s)          Start of Week Two.

Day Seven: 3/28/20:  Your Photograph(s) Displayed

Day Six: 3/27/20:  The Junk Drawer

Day Five: 3/26/20:  Springtime in Your Yard

Day Four: 3/24/20:  Telling Time

Day Three: 3/23/20:  Anything Wine

Day Two: 3/22/20: One more easy day   House plant (s)

Day One: 3/21/20:  Coffee Pot  Great job today 13 images!


Stay at Home Image Submittal



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